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Julius Evola : “Les droits supérieurs”

Translation: “Essentially, the antithesis lies in the design of the relationship that must exist between the military component and the bourgeois element, and therefore the meaning and function accorded them respectively in the whole society and the state . In modern democracies – in a design that we have seen, was first imposed in England, homeland of mercantilism – the key element of the company is represented by the bourgeois and bourgeois life peacetime, dominated by the concerns of physical safety, well-being and material prosperity, “development of literature and art” for ornamental frame. According to this view, it is in principle the “civil” or, if one prefers, “bourgeois” who should govern the state element. Representatives and political President – according to well-known Clausewitz phrase – it is only when the policy on the international level, should be pursued by other means that are used to the armed forces. Under these conditions, the military component and, in general, warrior, is reduced to a secondary role as a mere instrument and must not fit or exercise any influence in community life. Even if one accepts the “military” an ethos, it is not considered desirable to see it applied to the normal life of the nation. This design is closely related, in fact, the humanitarianism and liberal belief that true civilization has nothing to do with this sad necessity and the “senseless slaughter” is war, it has no basis for the virtues war but “civil” virtues and social issues related to the “immortal principles” and that “culture” and “spirituality” are expressed in the world of “thought”, science and the arts, while everything that falls of war and the military is reduced to mere force, something materialistic, devoid of mind.”

Dissidence Française

evolaLe militarisme est, comme on le sait, une des bêtes noires des démocraties modernes, et la lutte contre le militarisme un de leurs mots d’ordre préférés, qui va de paire avec un pacifisme hypocrite et la prétention de légitimer la « guerre juste » sous la seule forme d’une nécessaire opération internationale de police contre un « agresseur ». Durant la période qui englobe la Première et la Seconde Guerre mondiale, le « militarisme prussien » est apparu aux démocraties comme le prototype du phénomène à conjurer. Nous constatons ici une antithèse caractéristique, qui concerne moins les relations entre groupes de nations rivales, que deux conceptions générales de la vie et de l’État, et même deux formes de civilisation et de société distinctes et irréconciliables. D’un point de vue historique et concret, il s’agit, d’une part, de la conception qui s’affirma surtout en Europe Centrale et notamment dans le…

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