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[Music] New SkullLine Releases: Strydwolf, In Scherben, Infestation

New Martial Industrial & German Neo-Folk.

Heathen Harvest

Strydwolf – Lieder vom Traum und Tod

In two-thousand-and-eleven the potent and at times mystical Leaves of Grass graced the digital pages of the Heathen Harvest periodical, since that time Strydwolf have grown to perfect and incorporate a seemingly full range of Industrial and Post-Industrial influences and syncretize these sounds into a professional approach to music creation.

The fourth album by the Dutch Willem W. stands out by the excellent artwork by Rainer Langer (German painter), and the beautiful and varied Neofolk with a lot of romantic, power and emotion. In collaboration with brilliant guest musicians such as Niemandsvater, Stefania Domizia, and the prolific Kentin Jivek, the mixture of sound and moods on the album is excellent! Neofolk meets Military Pop

In Scherben  – Das neue Land

Das neue Land is already the fifth studio release by the band In Scherben. Lars and Maren have expanded their musical skills…

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