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[Music] Debut Waffenruhe Full-length, “War Rituals”, Out Now!

Der neue Waffenruhe – War Rituals – Ja!! Das ist sehr gut!!

Heathen Harvest

Castellum Stoufenburc and Lichterklang Present:

Waffenruhe – War Rituals
Digipak Limited to 300
Martial Industrial

Finally, Waffenruhe‘s first full-length album is out, after 6 years when the project’s first sounds were created and released via splits and collaborations with the likes of Legionarii, Bunkergeist and Seuchensturm. War Rituals contains 13 pieces of pure Martial Industrial that confront the listener with the definitive nature of the genre — an ode to martial heroism and a wake-up call to the warrior inside of you. War Rituals won’t just accompany you with its music, but it will also wake you up at a time when the ancient problems of mankind are converging to drown us all in an intolerable lethargy.

Watch | Order #1 | Order #2 | Visit C.S. | Visit Lichterklang

In a few weeks, Castellum Stoufenburc will also present their last release for 2013, a split between

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