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Runes: A Handbook

Heathen Harvest


My main reason for compiling this book was to provide a modern, scholarly introduction to runes and runic writing. There is nothing really comparable in English. Two other introductory works exist, but one is now almost sixty years old and out-of-date, while the other is very brief. There are, of course, many, many books about runes that treat them as an occult alphabet. One can learn about the mysteries of the runes, runes and magic, runes as symbols of power, runic divination, and so forth, but sadly all this springs from the imagination of the authors.” Michael P. Barnes

In a modern world, we have a perspective on the runes and ancient history that is often romanticized. Runes: A Handbook, by Michael Barnes is an absolutely scholarly work, which contains nothing of runes as a magical device or other such things, be it divination or otherwise. It will absolutely change what you thought…

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