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Review: Generation Identity

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Review: Generation Identity

Generation Identity: A Declaration of War against the ’68ers
by Markus Willinger

Review by Brett Stevens

How do you mobilize a large number of people to act against what they’ve been taught is the only “logical” course of action? First, you appeal to that which is (sensibly) beyond logic, emotion and aesthetics. While this book tackles a great number of political issues, its biggest strength is in its ability to channel emotion.

In particular, it is worth paying attention to the term “68ers” which appears in the subtitle. While this term specifically refers to the hippie wing of the Baby Boomer generation, it also adequately describes any modern progressive. They are a fusion between Social Marxist ideals, eternal liberal values as applied by a modern bureaucracy, and a certain amount of personal desperation.

“Against these people “Generation Identity” marshals the formidable forces of desperation, loneliness and alienation and…

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