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Pussiance – A Call to Arms

Manticore Press

Lyrics: “People often confuse duty with rights and rights with freedom.
This all too common misunderstanding brings nothing more than
false hopes and futile attempts at understanding without effort.
Most people never take the time to think, and behind the veil of
self-righteousness they judge on grounds of ethics. A moral standard
they truly believe to be their own, and so their hammer falls, without
ever even considering the source of their inspirations.”

“The media has got a chokehold on outspoken opinions, and they
tighten and grip in the name of freedom until all attempts to
create are nipped in the bud, long before they get a chance to blossom.
An every-day terror regime instated in the name of sale, for everything
has a price, and the media just as all other merchants simply aspire to control
the market, but to control the market of the open mind, they first…

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Review of Indo-Europe Rising by Azsacra Zarathustra

Manticore Press

Azsacra Zarathutrs “Containing 69 theses, Indo-Europe Rising by Azsacra Zarathustra (43 pages; published by Cyberwit, India) is a manifesto that lays the groundwork for a revolution of spirit and action in Asia and Europe. However, the work does not present rational arguments about certain political or social points in an appeal to the ordinary man or woman. Rather, it is a metaphysical, and perhaps even a gnostic work, that appears as a kind of ritual taken apart and reorganized into pages — as is evident as soon as one opens the volume.”

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Global Mass Protest Against NSA Surveillance 11/2/14

Sick of low broadband speeds? Dump the NSA Sypware!

Manticore Press

Global Mass Protest Against NSA Surveillance 11/2/14

Congress is considering two major bills. The USA Freedom Act curtails NSA surveillance abuses. The FISA Improvements Act legalises bulk data protection of phone records.
We need to tell Congress to pass the USA Freedom Act and amend it to make it even stronger.

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Manticore Press

Brett Stevens, Amerika“Brett Stevens is a hardcore conservative writer, not that that is a bad thing.  For me, it’s generally a bad thing when anyone states and defines themselves by their politics.  For me politics are an evolving thing, but Brett is a very smart cookie and confident his ways are right (pun intended)… I like Brett because of his smarts and confidence, his website has made me think deep and that’s getting less and less within the online community… I also dig Brett because he’s a metal head and hessian and runs and writes for a number of metal friendly websites, so a very conservative and ultra smart metal head is a person who is probably the odd man out when asking artists about underground art.”

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Aristokratia Vol. II (Julius Evola Edition) – Now Available

Manticore Press

Aristokratia Vol. II (Julius Evola Edition) - Now Available

Aristokratia Vol. II was officially released yesterday, and within less than twelve of hours of release entered the Top 100 Bestseller list on Amazon for both Political Philosophy and Religious Philosophy.

Aristokratia Vol. II is a special edition, concentrating on the works of the Italian philosopher Julius Evola. The book also contains articles on Nietzsche, Plato, Pessoa, Gomez-Davila, Kautilya/Chanakya, general political philosophy and book reviews.

More details on Aristokratia Vol. II can be found here:

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