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New: Aristokratia Vol. II – Julius Evola Edition

Aristokratia II – Forthcoming in late January. The second edition focuses on the philosophy of Julius Evola. Featuring the following articles –
* Unfashionable Observations: Philosophies Against Time
* The Once and Future King: The Philosophy of Julius Evola
* Homo Modernus: An Evolian-Gomezian Portrait of Modern Man
* Corporatism as a Perennial Method of Traditional Social Organisation
* The Eldritch Evola
* Meditazioni delle Vette: Julius Evola and the Metaphysics of Alpinism
* Emperor of the Sun: Vedic Models of Polity, the Arthashastra and Contemporary Relevance
* Fernando Pessoa as Portugal: Prometheus Unchained
* The King’s True Champion
* Nietzsche’s Olympian Synthesis
* Androgyne
* The Re-Evaluation of all History
* Plato and Platonism: The Republic
* Oblivion and Discourse of Being
* Europe: A Sudden Flash of Will
* Book Reviews [inc. The Biocentric Worldview, Generation Identity, Attack the System, Handbook of Traditional Living]
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__Video scryed by Kalki, audio conjured by Goatcraft__


Herbst9 – Mutum Kima Imbari Izannun Elisum


Of Runes and Men – Art Abscons (Death in June Cover)

ART ABSCONS – Of Runes and Men (Death in June) 2013 SkullLine


Kreuzweg O.S.T. – Legion

From Elderost, 2005. Martial Industrial.


Panteo Legio Musica – A Prayer To Mars

“Dis Pater, Veiovis, and Di Manes, or with any other name by which it is proper to call You, since all in this city of Carthage and its army, who, I feel, fled before me in terror only because you filled them with alarm and fright, everyone who opposes our legions and the wall of shields of our army, and our missiles are carried forward on them by your hand, in this way you led away the enemy army and their soldiers. Their city and fields, and those who are in this place and this region, the lands and cities that they inhabit, you have now deprived them of the supreme light, their hostile army, their city and their lands. I feel to say that it was you who has devoted and consecrated this city and its lands, from the beginning and all time, that by law, who and when are made over and devoted as the highest sacrifices. Therefore, I who am victorious, by my faith as a magistrate of the people of Rome, and as commander of the armies, I give this vow on behalf of the people of Rome, our armies and legions, that you may retain everything born to this land and that grew in healthy by your aid. If you will make this happen, so that I may know, sense and derive that this has happened, then by whatever vow will have been made, wherever it will have been made, may it be properly made with sheep sacrificed upon the tribal altars. I call upon Tellus, Mother Earth, and You mighty Jupiter, to act as witnesses to my vow.”

– Macrobius Saturnalia


NEW: VNV – Retaliate

From the new album ‘Transnational’ – Lyrics:

“Justice never waivers
it is my single purpose
relentless the pursuit
I will find you where you hide
counting on your indecision
deciding when to strike
calculating movement
the senses of the chase”

“the game of chess begins
the pieces moved in place
your advantage growing slimmer
your options growing thin”