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Decline of the West

What Happened to Alt-Right?

Eurasia and the Ring of PowerDuring the dead of night, the popular Alt-Right website fell prey to a bitter Eurasian coup against ‘blood and soil’ nationalism. Alt-Right fell prey to American wannabbe Soviets in the Eurasian ‘Night of the Small Pocket Knives.’

Unannounced to the people who actually did any work, the website was taken down and replaced with an agenda in favour of Russian Nationalist propaganda – the platform of Eurasia.

But wait – the new website for the ‘National Policy Institute’ is supposed to be American Nationalism right? Apparently not – in typical defeatist USA style, Richard Spencer exposes himself as the stereotypical gutless and wimpy American who failing to come up with any new ideas on his own, decides it is better that America is governed by Russians.

I have said this a thousand times: there is nothing as stupid as a ‘Nationalist’ organisation that won’t support it’s own people or identity, and instead gives itself over weakly to a foreign power and thus seeks to hand foreign control of the country to another on a platter. For those outside of Eurasia, if you adopt its platform, you are a traitor to your people, blood and land. In your insipid weakness and refusal to stand alone on your own two feet, like spineless dogs you crawl and betray your people and your country to become what? Nothing but a thrall to Russians.

Certainly you may be disillusioned with the current American government – but to suggest to replace it with foreign hegemony under the Russian led Eurasian movement is absurd.Grow up Americans, and draft your own solutions – becoming a colony of Russia is a solution that no serious Nationalist would endorse.

I am ashamed to have ever posted the content from the National Policy Institute previously now that I have learned of the treacherous coup staged against Alt-Right in the name of state funded Russian propaganda. My support of the National Policy Institute and it pseudo-Traditionalist ‘Radix/Radish Journal’ is officially withdrawn.


The Eye of Sauron Hangs Over Wall Street

The Population Cycle Drives Human History — from a Eugenic Phase into a Dysgenic Phase and Eventual Collapse

The Population Cycle Drives Human History — from a Eugenic Phase into a Dysgenic Phase and Eventual Collapse

by Volkmar Weiss

“In the period before the onset of demographic transition, when fertility rates were positively associated with income levels, Malthusian pressure gave an evolutionary advantage to individuals whose characteristics were positively correlated with child quality and hence higher IQ, increasing in such a way the frequency of underlying genes in the population. As the fraction of individuals of higher quality increased, technological progress intensified. Positive feedback between technological progress and the level of education reinforced the growth process, setting the stage for an industrial revolution that facilitated an endogenous take-off from the Malthusian trap. The population density rose and with it social and political friction, especially important at the top of the social pyramid. Thus, from a certain turning point of history, the well-to-do have fewer children than the poor. Once the economic environment improves sufficiently, the evolutionary pressure weakens, and on the basis of spreading egalitarian ideology and general suffrage the quantity of people gains dominance over quality. At present, we have already reached the phase of global human capital deterioration as the necessary prerequisite for a global collapse by which the overpopulated earth will decimate a species with an average IQ, still too mediocre to understand its own evolution and steer its course.”

The Cycle of Constitutions

“About 50 years ago, in the former communist East Germany, I asked my schoolteacher what would happen after communism. He answered: “Nothing else, because communism is the final stage of human history.”
At present, the President of the United States does not stand not alone in his conviction that democracy is the final stage of history to which all the world is headed. However, 2,350 years ago, Aristotle wrote in his “Politics” that democracy is only one stage in history and would be superseded by another stage. From the history of the Greek city-states, he gained the insight that any particular constitution depends on the distribution of poverty and wealth. “There must therefore necessarily be as many different forms of governments as there are different ranks in the society, arising from the superiority of some over others, and their different situations.” But Aristotle knew also: “The first and principal instrument of the politician is the number of the people; he should therefore know how many, and what they naturally ought to be.” And Myrdal added in 1938 (p. 33): “No other factor — not even that of peace — is so tremendously fatal for the destinies of democracies as the factor of population. Democracy, not only as a political form but with all its content of civic ideals and human life, must either solve this problem or perish.” Because the number, density and social structure of a population (Lopreato and Crippen, 1999) are never constant but always changing (Sorokin, 1937; Weiss, 1993), the constitution of a state is never constant, but always changing, too, from monarchy to aristocracy, further to oligarchy and democracy, not in a linear fashion, but with steps backwards and forwards. Sooner or later the cycle of constitutions leads to democracy — according to Aristotle, “of all the excellent constitutions … the worst, but of bad ones, the best.” Necessarily, the deficiencies of democracy (Hoppe, 2001) must be made up by taxes, confiscations, and fines imposed upon the well-to-do. In such a way, democracy inevitably degenerates into a corrupt government of the plebs and mobocracy. A “dictatorship of the proletariat”, which in the name of democracy (Somit and Peters, 1997) redistributes without any constraints from poor to rich, from the brave and diligent to the paupers, destroys the economic power of the society in its roots. Finally, the people will hail an autocrat as savior, and after a complete breakdown the cycle starts again.
Is our history actually cyclic (Galtung and Inayatullah, 1997)? And if so, in which phase of history are we living today?”

This is a snippet from an absolutely brilliant article based on Oswald Spengler’s Decline of West, and the problem of idiots breeding up in large numbers – all delivered in a academic fashion. Rest of article at link below.

Internet Folly and the Decline of the West


Internet Folly and the Decline of the West


(Guest post from the ubiquitous artist known only as KALKI).

Evola stated that we are now in the Kali Yuga, where the virtuous principles are at their lowest. Spengler too saw the West to be collapsing inwards from decay….indeed man is less free now than he was a free hundred years ago. People are born into work, work all their life in dull routine jobs to pay off debt, and die in debt. We are all slaves belonging to the Third Estate and without breaking the power of the mercantile class, we will remain as thralls of the corporations.

But the nature of slavery itself prevents the ascent of man – trapped in these positions, he can no longer learn, no longer achieve or reach his potential. Exhausted and wearied, Western man curls up broken and dies a little each day. As his will breaks, so too does his spirit – love of the nation is replaced by patriotism to football, admiration of the feminine to pornography with sexuality becoming a disposable commodity, nutrition replaced with convenience, the warrior ethos with the adulation of alcohol, and  women with ‘(fe)MEN’.

As his spirit breaks it retreats into an animalistic and vegetative state that reflects the nature of decline – man becomes stupid, foolish; believing all the television tells him, taking internet posts as gospel over ancient wisdom. Finally, YouTube becomes God, Wikipedia its Gospel, internet forums its Apocrypha. The banal, like Mammon rises to power, ruling though greed and cultivating ignorance.

Nowhere is the folly of humanity more prevalent than it is on the internet, where those who cannot achieve flock to voice their opinions like petulant children. The amount of time wasted on trivial matters involving the internet is what holds you all down, breeding cognitive dissonance in the same manner that rotten fruit breeds maggots.

Strong words? Yes. The internet is making you all turn into fools. It is not the pinnacle of human development. It is not accurate, not correct, and much of its content persists of outright lies and deliberately spread disinformation. The internet is a massive book of bullshit, and a website is just one page in billions of pages of bullshit. Taking it seriously only leads to cognitive dissonance and is a sure route to grievous folly.

While it can be a marvellous tool to spread important messages, it is also used to disperse slander and there is no greater fool than one who spreads incorrect information. The boy who called ‘wolf’ when there was none was a fool – when the wolf finally arrived on his door, no one would believe him because they knew him to be liar.

The nature of the age and the medium cultivates great acts of folly. Renounce it. Turn your computer off – do not gossip, do not spread disinformation. Educate yourself, become powerful and neither the fools nor the Kali Yuga will trouble you more. Only be doing such can the West be saved from its deep decline into asinine and bourgeois decadence.

This is maya; this is illusion. What is here does not exist and never did. Get offline and reclaim your life.