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Napoleon on Useful Idiots

Blessed be the Fools

“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”
― Napoleon Bonaparte

“A wise man gets more use from his enemies than a fool from his friends.”
― Baltasar Gracián, The Art of Worldly Wisdom


Internet Folly and the Decline of the West


Internet Folly and the Decline of the West


(Guest post from the ubiquitous artist known only as KALKI).

Evola stated that we are now in the Kali Yuga, where the virtuous principles are at their lowest. Spengler too saw the West to be collapsing inwards from decay….indeed man is less free now than he was a free hundred years ago. People are born into work, work all their life in dull routine jobs to pay off debt, and die in debt. We are all slaves belonging to the Third Estate and without breaking the power of the mercantile class, we will remain as thralls of the corporations.

But the nature of slavery itself prevents the ascent of man – trapped in these positions, he can no longer learn, no longer achieve or reach his potential. Exhausted and wearied, Western man curls up broken and dies a little each day. As his will breaks, so too does his spirit – love of the nation is replaced by patriotism to football, admiration of the feminine to pornography with sexuality becoming a disposable commodity, nutrition replaced with convenience, the warrior ethos with the adulation of alcohol, and  women with ‘(fe)MEN’.

As his spirit breaks it retreats into an animalistic and vegetative state that reflects the nature of decline – man becomes stupid, foolish; believing all the television tells him, taking internet posts as gospel over ancient wisdom. Finally, YouTube becomes God, Wikipedia its Gospel, internet forums its Apocrypha. The banal, like Mammon rises to power, ruling though greed and cultivating ignorance.

Nowhere is the folly of humanity more prevalent than it is on the internet, where those who cannot achieve flock to voice their opinions like petulant children. The amount of time wasted on trivial matters involving the internet is what holds you all down, breeding cognitive dissonance in the same manner that rotten fruit breeds maggots.

Strong words? Yes. The internet is making you all turn into fools. It is not the pinnacle of human development. It is not accurate, not correct, and much of its content persists of outright lies and deliberately spread disinformation. The internet is a massive book of bullshit, and a website is just one page in billions of pages of bullshit. Taking it seriously only leads to cognitive dissonance and is a sure route to grievous folly.

While it can be a marvellous tool to spread important messages, it is also used to disperse slander and there is no greater fool than one who spreads incorrect information. The boy who called ‘wolf’ when there was none was a fool – when the wolf finally arrived on his door, no one would believe him because they knew him to be liar.

The nature of the age and the medium cultivates great acts of folly. Renounce it. Turn your computer off – do not gossip, do not spread disinformation. Educate yourself, become powerful and neither the fools nor the Kali Yuga will trouble you more. Only be doing such can the West be saved from its deep decline into asinine and bourgeois decadence.

This is maya; this is illusion. What is here does not exist and never did. Get offline and reclaim your life.