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Another Review of Aristokratia II


Review of Aristokratia Vol. II

Aristokratia Vol. II (Julius Evola Edition) – Now Available


New: Aristokratia Vol. II – Julius Evola Edition

Aristokratia II – Forthcoming in late January. The second edition focuses on the philosophy of Julius Evola. Featuring the following articles –
* Unfashionable Observations: Philosophies Against Time
* The Once and Future King: The Philosophy of Julius Evola
* Homo Modernus: An Evolian-Gomezian Portrait of Modern Man
* Corporatism as a Perennial Method of Traditional Social Organisation
* The Eldritch Evola
* Meditazioni delle Vette: Julius Evola and the Metaphysics of Alpinism
* Emperor of the Sun: Vedic Models of Polity, the Arthashastra and Contemporary Relevance
* Fernando Pessoa as Portugal: Prometheus Unchained
* The King’s True Champion
* Nietzsche’s Olympian Synthesis
* Androgyne
* The Re-Evaluation of all History
* Plato and Platonism: The Republic
* Oblivion and Discourse of Being
* Europe: A Sudden Flash of Will
* Book Reviews [inc. The Biocentric Worldview, Generation Identity, Attack the System, Handbook of Traditional Living]
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What Happened to Alt-Right?

Eurasia and the Ring of PowerDuring the dead of night, the popular Alt-Right website fell prey to a bitter Eurasian coup against ‘blood and soil’ nationalism. Alt-Right fell prey to American wannabbe Soviets in the Eurasian ‘Night of the Small Pocket Knives.’

Unannounced to the people who actually did any work, the website was taken down and replaced with an agenda in favour of Russian Nationalist propaganda – the platform of Eurasia.

But wait – the new website for the ‘National Policy Institute’ is supposed to be American Nationalism right? Apparently not – in typical defeatist USA style, Richard Spencer exposes himself as the stereotypical gutless and wimpy American who failing to come up with any new ideas on his own, decides it is better that America is governed by Russians.

I have said this a thousand times: there is nothing as stupid as a ‘Nationalist’ organisation that won’t support it’s own people or identity, and instead gives itself over weakly to a foreign power and thus seeks to hand foreign control of the country to another on a platter. For those outside of Eurasia, if you adopt its platform, you are a traitor to your people, blood and land. In your insipid weakness and refusal to stand alone on your own two feet, like spineless dogs you crawl and betray your people and your country to become what? Nothing but a thrall to Russians.

Certainly you may be disillusioned with the current American government – but to suggest to replace it with foreign hegemony under the Russian led Eurasian movement is absurd.Grow up Americans, and draft your own solutions – becoming a colony of Russia is a solution that no serious Nationalist would endorse.

I am ashamed to have ever posted the content from the National Policy Institute previously now that I have learned of the treacherous coup staged against Alt-Right in the name of state funded Russian propaganda. My support of the National Policy Institute and it pseudo-Traditionalist ‘Radix/Radish Journal’ is officially withdrawn.

Coming Soon: Aristokratia Volume II – January 2014

“Without weakening and compromise we oppose the lowering of the spiritual level, as it has been elevated into a system by contemporary man…We are reacting against the loss of all higher meaning in life; against the materialization, socialization, and standardization to which everything is subjected…We want to be a danger, a challenge, and an indictment…of all that is weak and directed toward compromising solutions, and which stands enslaved by prevailing opinion and small-minded adaptations to the moment…the unmoving protest against the tyranny of the economic and the social that insolently permeates everything, and against the decline of any higher viewpoint into the most pitiable humanism.” – Julius Evola

Julius Evola : “Le malentendu du nouveau paganisme”

Dissidence Française

evolaLors d’une interview tout récemment accordée à Vienne, le journaliste qui nous interrogeait semblait parfaitement savoir que, depuis longtemps déjà, nous prônions en Italie un “impérialisme païen”, ajoutant que dans un autre pays l’heure du succès avait sonné pour celui-ci.

Il faisait évidemment allusion à l’Allemagne, où des courants plus ou moins proches du national-socialisme entendent créer un nouvel esprit religieux spécifiquement germanique et non-chrétien.
Nous lui avons répondu que le temps était plutôt venu où nous nous trouvions presque obligé de nous déclarer sinon chrétien, tout au moins catholique !
En réalité, ajoutions-nous, ce “nouveau paganisme” d’au-delà des Alpes est très équivoque, et son analyse pourrait présenter beaucoup d’intérêt, tant en soi que pour nous-même, qui y sommes directement impliqué. Nous avons en effet reconnu, jadis, la valeur que pouvait avoir la reprise de certaines des grandes traditions pré-chrétiennes pour la reconstruction de notre civilisation européenne dans un…

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